Jack and D'Angelo's sacred places presentation on the Bighorn Medicine Wheel.

Frances and Izzy's sacred places presentation on the lost city of Petra.

This is John and Kevin's sacred places presenation on the Himalayas.

Have a look at the PPt Maria did as part of her home learning on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Have a look at this Power Point presentation that Mile did as part of her home learning.

Here is Maria 's brochure on an endangered NZ bird. Have a look at it.

This is Holly's brochure. If you want to know some facts on the New Zealand falcon take a look at this.

This is Izzy's brochure on the kiwi. Her brochure was published in our newsletter.

This is Savannah's Kakapo brochure. Have a look at her brochure.

This is Jubilee's brochure, take a look and learn more about the Takahe.