Prayers to start the 2010 school year.
Eternal Friend
We pray for all the new students and teachers at Marist that they have a wonderful year and make lots of friends. May all the students learn lots from the wonderful teachers.
Eternal Friend hear us
By Madyson

Loving Father
We pray that we do well and try hard in all that we do this year. Watch over us and make sure that we have a positive attitude in all our work. Bless the students and teachers and watch over us all year.
Loving Father hear us
By Harry

Creative God
May you bless all the people who help our school as they make a big difference to our learning. May they continue to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit throughout this school year.
Creative God hear us
By Harriet

Holy Lord
Please watch over us this year as we all work towards achieving our goals.
Holy Lord hear us
By Gerard

Lord, we pray that you look after the office staff this year. May we be thankful that they help us when we are in need. We thank Mrs Day, Mrs Plant, Mr Nansen and Bob for giving their time to help us.
Lord hear us
By Rihana

Lord, may we have the strength to help other people who need our help. Help us Lord to be the best we can be this school year.
Lord hear us
By Joseph

2009 Prayers

Teaching God

Teach us with wisdom and aroha as we live in this world.
You are the one and only teaching God.
Help us to work to our best in every way and every part of the day.
Thank you God for all our learning, this term, and every term.

Teaching God hear us

By Jacqueline

Dear Divine and Thoughtful Lord
We thank you for teaching us what we need to know. Thank you for watching over us in school everyday.
You are the true and one Lord who teaches us within our hearts. Thank you for teachers and family,
for giving us gifts to learn in our everyday life.
Lord hear us

By Heather
We have been learning about the book of Psalms and using Psalms for our prayer.
These are the Power Point shows that we have made to use for prayer.

By Morgan and Elliott

By Niels and Jacob

By Julian Lizzie & Winnie