How Stuff Works - This site explores all sorts of interesting subjects with clear fun explanations.
Auckland City Libraries - Provides access to Auckland City Libraries on-line catalogues, for you to search at home.

Fact Monster - Feeling hungry? Search factmonster and fill up on facts!
QuinturaKids - This is a search engine with a difference - get your results in a way that's quick and easy to understand!

Ask Kids - Want to know the answer? Just ask Jeeves!

Fun maths learning games - I particularly like ' Who wants to be a mathonaire?'
Cool Maths - Maths just doesn't get much cooler than this!
GamequariumMathsGames - Interactive maths games on a range of maths topics!

I Know That - Maths games

Cover Check
- Try this great online tool to help you learn your spelling words.
Wordle - Create exciting word pictures
Spelling City - Another good website to help you improve your spelling

Fun science. The yuckiest site on the internet!
Online Sudoku for kids

wickED - Provides links to websites and interactive games relating to Maths, Science, and Technology.
Games - Light up your brain with these games.

Zoopz - Games that make you think
Learning Games Want educational games that help build skills? Have a look at this site.