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Diary writing task

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This is a letter to a friend when the influenza epidemic hit the world in 1918. Created by Javarn and Jacob.

We have been considering the CAUSE and EFFECTS of disasters. This is what we came up with for The Swine Flu.

Try and solve these disaster riddles -
People put towels on me, people bury themselves in me, people have picnics on me. People stick umbrellas in me, people get changed on me. People draw on me and when the sun comes on me I heat up people’s feet and when the wind is heavy I form. What am I?
I am a sand storm.

By Elliott,Javarn,Lizzie and Julian.

My wind and hot and cold air form together and make me. What am I?
I am a hurricane.

By Neils, Mcarthy, Denzel, Jacob and Hamdahn.

What shakes the world and leaves lots of places looking like a dump? What am I?
I am an earthquake.

By Elizabeth, Peata and Mandarina.

A thing that starts with water and happens very quickly. What am I?
I am a flash flood.